How and why to give back to God

We believe that our giving is a direct result of our love for God and an expression of our thanksgiving for His kindness and benevolence to us. It is a deeply personal form of worship and praise.

At the same time, the New Apostolic Church is supported by the free will offerings of its members. It is a method to support the many pastoral programs offered through our congregations that care for the needs of our families, neighbors and communities. It provides the funding for the future vision of the church relative to minister training, youth development, children’s programs, senior care and music.

In addition to the offering boxes found within our congregations, you may offer electronically via e-offering.

Read more about offering

The Summer 2013 Vision Newsletter has an article titled
"Offering & Sacrifice, A theological perspective"

E-offering can be made a number of ways and can be done as a one-time offering or you can set up a recurring offering at regular intervals. While making an e-offering you have the opportunity to specify the congregation to which you would like your offering to be credited to. This will ensure that your local congregation will continue to show your offering, regardless of how it was submitted.

For more information, please see the NAC USA site.

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